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Reiki Call podcast

Jan 21, 2021

Reiki Call: January 2021 Topic: Reiki and Clearing your Stuff

With Special Guests Shanley Ten Ecyk and Karen Caig
This month's Reiki Call featured Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Karen Caig and KonMari Consultant Shanley Ten Eyck as they discussed how to clear your "stuff," both physical and energetic. Shanley covered the six steps to get ready to implement the KonMari process through five categories of your home. Karen shared the joys and struggles of letting go and how she uses Reiki to help in this life-changing process with Shanley so she can grow and heal. Karen commented, "Shanley is so good at uncovering the truths I have shoved into the darkest recesses of my psyche. As a Reiki practitioner who has studied with Marie Kondo, she understands very well how the energy of the home relates to the energy of the people who live there. Her work with me has been transformative." 
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More info about Shanley:
Shanley Ten Eyck is a Tampa-based Professional Organizer and member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). Ten Eyck also has experience as a Contained Home Organizer with The Container Store, and is a Certified Personal Stylist, specializing in curating wardrobes.
 With 25+ years of experience working with individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and now on the internet, Shanley was spurred to invest in certification of the KonMari Method™. With fewer than 550 consultants (world population ~8 billion), Shanley has been at the cutting edge of this lifestyle trend sweeping nations.
 More info about Karen:
Karen Caig is a gifted teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training and teaches classes in Arkansas and online. She is a skilled speaker and has been on numerous podcasts with a variety of Reiki and other industry professionals.